Lebanon man throws girlfriend against a wall over dirty dishes

feat Lewis Corey

33-year-old Corey Lewis was charged with assault, vandalism, and interference with emergency calls when he assaulted his girlfriend and broke her phone over dirty dishes.

On September 4th, Lebanon Police Department Officer T. Johnson responded to 220 Leeville Pike, Apartment 3 after a neighbor called to report a possible domestic situation. Officer Johnson made contact with Ashley Sneed who stated that her boyfriend, Corey Lewis came in the apartment while she was sleeping and woke her up complaining of dirty dishes.

Corey Lewis (WCSO)

Lewis pushed Sneed off the bed, grabbed her, and threw her against the wall. Lewis then grabbed her cell phone and broke it.

Corey Lewis was arrested and charged with domestic assault, vandalism, and interference with an emergency call. His bond was set at $2,000.

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