Man caught on camera punching ex-girlfriend in face

feat Nelson Robert

38-year-old Robert Nelson was charged with domestic assault after he was reportedly caught on video hitting his ex-girlfriend when she was having a verbal argument with another person.

Intoxicated man charged after woman falls off the back of his motorcycle

feat Jackson Connor

21-year-old Connor Jackson was charged with driving under the influence and violation of implied consent law after he flew past a police officer on South Cumberland and a female passenger fell off the back of his motorcycle, per the affidavit.

Woman admits to punching daughter in the face during altercation

feat Cruz Jenny

42-year-old Jenny Cruz was charged with domestic assault after she punched her daughter in the face during an argument, police say.

Man charged for disturbing the peace at Gimme A $5

feat Herndon Jerry

47-year-old Jerry Herndon was charged with disorderly conduct after he was yelling at customers and reported to be indecently exposed at the Gimme A $5 store in Lebanon.

Xanax, meth, cocaine, marijuana, and marijuana wax found during traffic stop

feat Anderson John

43-year-old John Anderson was charged with possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, Xanax, marijuana, marijuana wax, and drug paraphernalia after he was pulled over for a registration violation, per report.

Man found with etizolam after crashing vehicle

feat Farmer John

39-year-old John Farmer was charged with driving under the influence and possession of etizolam after he reportedly crashed his vehicle and then refused to attempt any standard field sobriety tests offered to him.

Intoxicated Missouri man disturbs the peace at Holiday Inn

feat Medlin William

33-year-old William Medlin was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after he cursed at the management of Holiday Inn and refused to go to his room when asked, per report.

Woman attempts to claw boyfriend’s eyes out over mouthwash, per report

feat Trauernicht Kapriel

34-year-old Kapriel Trauernicht was charged with domestic assault when she scratched and struck her boyfriend after an argument over mouthwash, per report.

Man charged after knocking air conditioner out of window

feat Henderson Joshua

25-year-old Joshua Henderson was charged with vandalism and two counts of assault after he broke an air conditioner when he was denied use of a phone charger, per report.

Man found in bushes after failed attempt to hit girlfriend’s son with shovel

feat Hinchey Ross

57-year-old Ross Hinchey was charged with aggravated assault after he threatened his girlfriend’s son and attempted to hit him in the head with a shovel after a day of drinking, per report.