Passenger searched during traffic stop found with Xanax and an active warrant

32-year-old Amy Drown was charged with possession of Xanax when the car she was riding in was pulled over for displaying a wrong tag and during a search, she was found with Xanax pills and an active warrant out of Davidson County.

On September 5th, MJPD Officer Angle observed a vehicle traveling westbound on I-40 that was displaying a tag not registered to the vehicle being driven and made a traffic stop. Angle made contact with the vehicle and noticed an odor emitting from the vehicle commonly associated with marijuana. One of the male passengers in the vehicle was identified as Antwaun Jordan.

Amy Drown (WCSO)
Amy Drown (WCSO)

Angle discovered he had an active warrant. When searched, a marijuana cigarette was found in Jordan’s pocket. Amy Drown was in the back seat and the officer discovered she had an active warrant as well. Drown told police the backpack she was wearing belonged to her and eight blue pills with 031 on one side and a fish on the other were discovered inside of a cigarette pack. The pills were later identified as Alprazolam (Xanax).

Amy Drown was arrested and charged with possession of Xanax. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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