DUI: Woman says husband’s “hand on her leg” caused her to swerve on the road — Hayleigh ‘Marge’ Ribbons

Officer Berger conducted a traffic stop at 3 a.m. on September 5th after observing a vehicle weaving, swerving, and unable to maintain a consistent speed. As he approached the vehicle the driver, 22-year-old Margaret ‘Marge’ Hayleigh Ribbons, asked to speak to the officer away from her male passenger. Once at the rear of the car, she explained they had just left Whiskey River Bar and the man in the vehicle was her husband and he had his “hand on her leg” which was causing her to weave in and out of the lanes of travel.

On 5 September 2021 @ 0301 hours, I, affiant LPD Officer E. Berger, was traveling westbound on Lebanon Road at Maple Hill, when I observed a black Mazda 6 (TN Tag# xxxxxx) traveling westbound on Lebanon road, Just ahead of my location. As I followed the vehicle westbound It continually was weaving within Its lane and slowing and speeding up.

In the area of Arlington Road, the vehicle traveled out of the Inside lane, and Its passenger side tire, entered into the outside lane, the vehicle then returned to Its lane. The vehicle again failed to maintain It, lane of travel on Lebanon Road at Lexington Road, and Its passenger-side tires again left the inside lane and traveled Into the outside lane, before returning back to the Inside lane.

I activated my emergency lights and the vehicle came to a stop on the shoulder just west of Palmer road. Upon making contact with the driver, Margaret Ribbons, I observed that she had red watery eyes. I requested her driver’s license, registration card, and proof of insurance.

She then asked to exit the vehicle to speak to me away from her passenger. I had her exit and she walked to the rear of her car. She used the car for balance as she walked to the back of her car. Ribbons advised that she had come from Whiskey River Bar. She stated that her husband was In the vehicle. She advised the reason she was driving In and out of the lane was because her husband had his band on her leg.

While speaking with Ribbons she had mumbled slurred speech and an odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath, I asked how much she had to drink and she stated that she had one shot two hours ago, Ribbons agreed to perform Standardized Field Sobriety Tests. I administered the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test and Ribbons presented with Lack of Smooth Pursuit In both eyes, Onset of Nystagmus at Mulmum Deviation In both eyes, and Onset of Nystagmus prior to 45 degrees In both eyes.

I administered the Walk and Turn Test and Ribbons was unable to remain In the starting position to keep her balance In the Instruction stage, she missed heel to toe, stepped off or the line, used her arms for balance, completed an Improper turn, stopped while walking, and completed an Incorrect number of steps. I administered the One Leg Stand Test and Ribbons swayed while balancing, used her arms for balance, and put her root down. Ribbons could not continue the test past 10 seconds and kept stopping.

I placed Ribbons under arrest for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol. Upon a search of Ribbons’s vehicle, I located an open 375 ML bottle of Jameson Whiskey behind the driver’s seat. In the cup holder was a plastic cup with a pink liquid inside of it. The liquid had an odor of an alcoholic beverage to it. Ribbons was advised of the Miranda Warning.

I read Ribbons the Tennessee Blood and/or Breath Consent Advisement form and requested she provide a blood sample. Ribbons gave consent and she was transported to Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital, where her blood was collected. At the hospital Ribbons advised that the bottle of Jameson was hers and the cup in the center console was a mixed drink that belonged to her. The defendant was being charged with Driving Under the Influence.
TCA 55-10-401 Driving Under the Influence. All of these events occurred in Lebanon, Wilson County, Tennessee.


INTAKE DATE:09/05/2021 05:23 HRS
RELEASE DATE:09/05/2021 10:10 HRS
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