2 Mt. Juliet adults overdosed on Heroin in hospital parking lot, 2 children in car

When officers arrived to Summit Hospital after midnight Thursday night, they found a vehicle running, with the rear doors open, no heat on, with two adults passed out in the front seat, one with a syringe inserted into his arm, the other with an uncapped syringe beside her on the console. In the back seat were two small children, ages 9 and 7, crying and shivering while the 30-something degree wind blew through the open rear doors.

Emily Jo Anderson

The two adults in the vehicle were identified as 26-year-old Emily Jo Anderson, and 29-year-old Stephen Dewayne Baker, both of Fellowship Road in Mt. Juliet. Both adults refused medical treatment after becoming coherent. One admitted the syringes contained heroin, and they have both been addicted to heroin for approximately a year. The bag Anderson was holding also contained several more syringes, and a metal cap with cotton and residue. Inside the bag was also .3 grams of heroin inside a small foil.

Steven Dewayne Baker

The children’s grandfather responded to the scene and took custody of the children. Anderson and Baker were taken into custody, booked into the Davidson County jail and both charged with: child neglect 8 or less, child neglect 9-17, possession, and paraphernalia. Each was given an individual $16,000 bond, and post posted bond approximately 5 hours after being booked, via A Around the Clock Bonding.

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