DUI of marijuana: Kevin Helm arrested

Kevin Helm, 23, of Mt. Juliet, was arrested in Nashville on Wednesday, just one day before his birthday. MNPD Officer Paul Stein says Helm admitted to drinking one beer and smoking marijuana.

Helm was driving in Nashville at 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, when he passed a MNPD officer, travelling 44 mph in a 35 mph zone. Officer Stein initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. Upon contact with the driver, Kevin Helm, the officer says he observed the odors of both alcohol and marijuana coming from the vehicle.

Kevin Helm (MNPD)

Helm performed SFST (standard field sobriety tests), and blew into a breathalyzer, which only resulted in a .038% BAC reading. Due to the breathalyzer not matching the other signs of impairment, the officer determined it was likely Helm was under the influence of marijuana, which he had earlier admitted to.

A search of the vehicle was conducted, and a mason jar of marijuana was found in black bag in the trunk of the vehicle. When Officer Stein attempted to take Helm into custody, he attempted to pull away and refused to be handcuffed, adding a resisting arrest charge to the DUI and possession charges filed against Helm.

Kevin Helm, of Willoughby Station in Mt. Juliet, was freed on pre-trial release, and is scheduled to appear in court in March. A search warrant was issued for his blood, which was then drawn at Metro General Hospital before being booked.

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