Man threatened by WCSO Deputy jailed for threatening the woman between them

After WCSO Officer Ahmad Manasrah made threats to Blake Benson on social media last week, Benson was jailed by another WCSO Officer for making threats to his ex-wife, the woman Ahmad is now dating.

We previously reported on WCSO Officer Ahmad Manasrah, who made threats to a man, Blake Benson on social media. On the same day that the series of previously covered social media messages were exchanged between the two men, Benson is alleged to have also contacted his (ex) wife, the woman between the two men, allegedly in violation of bond conditions from a prior arrest.

The warrant from Benson’s October 8th arrest alleges that he called Kaela Benson on the morning of October 6th and stated he was going to have his cousin “take care of her and her family”. Mrs. Benson stated she was sure it was her (ex) husband’s voice on the call, and the number on her phone matched his known number. This communication was a violation of Benson’s bond release conditions, from a previous arrest in September of 2018, when Benson was charged with domestic assault. Those conditions require Benson have absolutely no contact with his (ex) wife, and currently are set to expire next month.

Blake Allen Benson (WCSO)
Blake Allen Benson (WCSO)

A Commissioner initially ordered Benson held for court, but after a review, he was released from custody on his own recognizance. He is scheduled to appear in court in late January. Benson was charged with making contact, and not making threats or harassment, and there appears to be some discrepancy about a more recent parenting agreement that required some contact between the two, possibly superseding the terms of the original bond conditions.

State records show the two were married in October of 2016. Below are the affidavits for both the current arrest and the original charge that resulted in the previously set bond conditions. The newly sworn affidavit still refers to Blake Benson as the victim’s husband, though he says they are divorced.

Applicant 1Applicant 2Marriage Date

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