WCSO Deputy Ahmad Manasrah suspended for 2 days without pay over social media posts

Wilson County Sheriff’s Deputy Ahmad Manasrah was suspended for 2 days without pay for violating the department’s Rules of Conduct, specifically cited was “Expressing yourself in a manner which degrades yourself or the department you work for is not acceptable”.

As previously reported, Officer Ahmad Manasrah took to social media last week, under a profile bearing his official uniform and workplace, and made threats to a man, who was the ex-husband of the woman he was currently in a relationship. After those threats were reported on, the Sheriff’s Office suspended Manasrah for two days without pay, as documented below:

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Ahmad Manasrah, an Officer with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department took to social media over the weekend, bearing his work information and uniform, to threaten his girlfriend’s ex-lover. He made threats to assault the man, and reminded him “Bruh, I am the cops”.

In an exchange over social media that Officer Ahman Mansarah initiated, he told his ex-girlfriend’s lover to “meet me, bitch”, that he would “beat the breaks[sic]” off him, he was a “fucking loser” that couldn’t care for his own child, and that he would beat his ass, and to trust that he knew what he was doing.. “Bruh, I am the cops”. There’s a copy of the exchange below.

Manasrah quickly changed his social media profile to no longer reflect his association with the Wilson County Sheriff’s Department after he learned we were covering his conversation in a story. We archived screen images of his account at the time of the interaction, as shown below.

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