Watertown Woman charged with pulling a gun on neighbor during dispute

40-year-old Nicole Rollins, of Watertown, is charged with aggravated assault after police say she pulled a pistol on a neighbor during a dispute.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Department responded to a Watertown address on Beech Bottom Road on November 9th, in response to a report of an aggravated assault involving a pistol. The officer arrived to meet with the victim, Kim Waters. Waters explained she was backing her vehicle down the driveway when her neighbor, Nicole Rollins, was observed yelling white standing in the ditch. The victim says she asked Rollins what was going on and an argument ensued, during which a gun was allegedly pulled on the victim.

Nicole Rollins (WCSO)
Nicole Rollins (WCSO)

Two witnesses confirm the account of the victim, according to an arrest warrant filed with the court. Nicole Rollins was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault. She remains jail in lieu of a $3,000 bond. Rollins is scheduled to appear in court this morning.

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