DUI: Man offers to f-*- Watertown Police Officer “in the booty” during rant after arrest — Arthur Robinson

73 in a 45 mph zone, which was the most exciting moment the tiny town of 1500’s police department had for the entire week. After officer Nick Deck made the arrest for DUI, Robinson decided to unleash a verbal assault on Officer Deck, offering to “f— you in the booty”, and detailing what a “sad b—-” the officer was. It’s so graphic, you’ll have to click for the details…

Woman charged in Watertown Funeral Home Fight, family pins her to the ground — Brenda Willis

58-year-old Brenda Willis was pinned to the ground by family members after she punched Bryar Hight in the face, and knocked the glasses of the face of her sister, Judy Tarpley, during an all-out brawl at Hunters Funeral Home after they said goodbye to their mother at her funeral service. The argument was reportedly over dividing up property. Willis is charged with two counts of domestic assault.

Watertown Vice Mayor caught with cocaine, meth, and marijuana during traffic stop

57-year-old Brandon Howard was charged with possession of marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and tampering with evidence after he was pulled over in Lebanon for an expired temporary tag.

Woman found with brass knuckles during booking for theft and DUI charges

feat Rinehart Stacey

35-year-old Stacy Rinehart was charged with theft of property, DUI, introduction of a weapon into a penal institution, and possession of a prohibited weapon after she wrecked a stolen Ford F-150 on Sparta Pike in Watertown.

Man on “all fours” eating narcotics, police say, after lurking outside woman’s home

42-year-old Jamie Orrand was charged with criminal attempt, assault, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and vandalism after he attempted to elude an officer that caught him trying to break into a window, then passing out from eating narcotics.

Watertown man charged after threatening girlfriend as well as ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend

feat Perrin Timmy

50-year-old Timothy Perrin was charged with aggravated and domestic assault after brandishing a knife on his ex-girlfriend’s new lover, threatening to run over his ex-girlfriend, and telling her and his current girlfriend he would cut off their heads.

Over 2 ounces of cannabis found in lunch box after Liberty man caught speeding

30-year-old Bobby Holder was charged with drug paraphernalia and simple possession after an officer smelled marijuana coming from his vehicle during a traffic stop for speeding.

Father calls cops on impaired son at Watertown Dollar General

Justin Crawford

27-year-old Justin Crawford was charged with public intoxication after his father called the police on him at the Dollar General located at 8910 Sparta Pike in Watertown.

Watertown man harasses woman on phone while police were present

29-year-old Scotty Blaze Eaton was charged with harassment after police responded to a domestic assault call and while there, he called Chassity Carter and was told to stop contacting her and continued to call, text, and leave voicemails.

Lebanon man found on railroad tracks, admitted to having “a few” drinks, per report

29-year-old Christopher Baldwin was charged with driving under the influence after his vehicle was found stopped on railroad tracks and admitting having “a few” drinks to police.