Man charged with assaulting girlfriend because of a text message

37-year-old Ronald Harris is accused of throwing his girlfriend to the ground, hitting her in the face, kneeing her in the face, and strangling her until she nearly passed out, according to a warrant for his arrest, charging him with aggravated domestic assault.

Officers responded to a Hartsville Pike for a woman standing in her yard saying that she had been assaulted. Officer Maynard made contact with the woman in question who was then identified as Tiffany King. Tiffany stated that her boyfriend, Ronald Harris, became angry over a text message and began assaulting her.

Ronald Harris (WCSO)
Ronald Harris (WCSO)

Tiffany stated that Ronald threw her to the ground, hit her in the face, kneed her in the face, and put his hands around her neck until she nearly lost consciousness. Officer Maynard did observe redness on the victim’s chest. Ronald was then picked up by police and transported to the Wilson County Jail.

Ronald Harris, Jr., is charged with aggravated domestic assault and has posted a $1500.00 bond.

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