Woman shoplifts over $700 worth of merchandise identified by Walmart employee

46-year-old Shirley Bogle was charged with theft of merchandise after she was identified on camera by a Walmart employee.

On January 15th, Lebanon Police responded to a theft that occurred at the Walmart on South Cumberland Street. Officer Wigger spoke with Walmart Loss Prevention and they stated that a woman, later identified as Shirley Bogle, was seen loading a cart with merchandise in old Walmart bags and walked through self-checkout. After Shirley passed the point of sale, she ran into the greeter and handed her a receipt from the money center.

Shirley Bogle (WCSO)
Shirley Bogle (WCSO)

The greeter then asked for Shirley to stay put while she spoke with Loss Prevention. Shirley had vanished by the time the greeter returned. She was later identified on video by a Walmart employee she had stopped and talked to while in the store. The value of the merchandise stolen came to the amount of $743.88.

Shirley Bogle was arrested and charged with Theft of Merchandise. Her bond was set at $2,000.

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