Pair charged with possession of shoplifting tools in Mt. Juliet #BoosterClub

28-year-old Nettisia Lashay Mitchell & 32-year-old Adreana Johnson are both charged with possession of shoplifting tools to interfere with anti-theft security device after alert employees noted they were acting ‘suspicious at Dick’s Sporting Goods and attempted to take cover a nearby T.J. Maxx in Mt. Juliet.

Three-peat shoplifter locked in Walmart after attempt to flee

29-year-old Nicole Williamson was charged with burglary and theft of merchandise after she was locked in a local Walmart for stealing women’s clothing.

Lebanon woman resists arrest after attempting to steal $148.72 in Walmart merchandise

26-year-old Lindsey Webb was charged with theft and resisting arrest after she was caught not scanning items at a Mt. Juliet Walmart self check-out and resisted police.

Bathing suit bandit arrested at Walmart

37-year-old Angela Carol Cole was cited and charged with theft of merchandise after she was caught at a Mt. Juliet Walmart attempting to steal $55.88 worth of bathing suits by using fraudulent bar codes.

Woman charged with theft after shifty shopping at Mt. Juliet Target

38-year-old Geri Brown was charged with theft of merchandise after a Target employee observed her and a man stashing $153.92 worth of merchandise into her purse.

Woman shoplifts over $700 worth of merchandise identified by Walmart employee

46-year-old Shirley Bogle was charged with theft of merchandise after she was caught shoplifting on camera at Wal-Mart.

Lebanon Police charge $27 Walmart shoplifter with felony burglary – she now faces 2-4 years in prison

A Tennessee appellate court deemed a policy of prosecuting repeat Walmart shoplifters as felony burglars unconstitutional but that isn’t stopping Wilson County from continuing to apply the felony charges for petty thefts while the argument progresses to the State Supreme Court. Lebanon police just charged Shelly Beene with felony burglary for stealing $27 worth of merchandise from Walmart – which could now cost her 2-4 years in state prison.

Woman pepper sprays Belk store security during shoplifting attempt

41-year-old Candice Beavers remains jailed in lieu of a $4,500 bond after Mt. Juliet Police say she attempted to flee Belk with unpaid merchandise and pepper-sprayed a loss prevention employee in the process.

Dear Kendell Burton: You’re old enough to know better

31-year-old Kendell Burton was arrested walking out the door of a Mt. Juliet Kroger Monday, after police say she was observed using the self-checkout to bag and steal items she didn’t pay for.

BoosterClub: 2 Arrested at Academy Sports

Two ‘boosters’ (shoplifters) arrested at Academy Sports & Outdoors after pushing out cart and bag full of unpaid merchandise. Christina Croslin, and Jasmine Wilson, charged with theft of merchandise over $1,000.