Argument turns violent; daughter strikes mother in the mouth

25-year-old Natasha Duplisea is charged with domestic assault after she punched her mother in her mouth during an argument, leaving her with swelling and a cut, according to Wilson County deputies.

The Wilson County Sheriff’s Department responded to a domestic assault call on May 8th on Garland Drive in Old Hickory. On arrival, contact was made with Roxanne Duplisea, who is the mother of Natasha Duplisea. Roxanne told officers the pair had been in a verbal argument that turned violent when her daughter struck her in the mouth with her hand, causing noticable redness, and a small cut, causing her to fear imminent injury.

Natasha Duplisea (WCSO)
Natasha Duplisea (WCSO)

Natasha Duplisea was booked into the Wilson County Jail, charged with domestic assault. She was later released on her own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court in November.

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