Old Hickory husband forces wife to cough up blood; per report

45-year-old Jason Adams was charged with aggravated domestic assault and violating his conditions of release after his wife reported to police that an argument at their home turned physical when he threw her to the ground and strangled her to the point that she coughed up blood.

Old Hickory man drinks beer in front of police; booked for public intoxication

40-year-old Cameron Vanness was charged with public intoxication after he chugged a beer in front of Wilson County deputies while already visibly inebriated.

Argument turns violent; daughter strikes mother in the mouth

25-year-old Natasha Duplisea is charged with domestic assault, after she punched her mother in her mouth during an argument, leaving her with swelling and a cut, according to Wilson County deputies.

Rifle brandished by resident against home intruder in gorilla suit

Newly revealed information from affidavit, 31-year-old Richard Muzick had a rifle brandished against him by residents of the home he tried to burgle.

Man and woman, both strapped, drive teens to fight another teen over a girl

19-year old Brandon Holleman and 18-year-old Hanna Whitehouse were both charged with 2 counts of delinquency of a minor as well as unlawful possession of a firearm and Hanna also received an aggravated assault charge after they drove 2 male minors to fight another male minor over a girl.

When sisters-in-law attack…#DomesticAssault

31-year-old Tera Shannon was charged with domestic assault after she attacked her sister-in-law.

Woman busted after she allows officer to search purse so she can sit in his patrol vehicle

35-year-old Aja Graves was charged with possession of a schedule I drug, possession of a schedule II drug, possession of a schedule III drug, and drug paraphernalia after allowing a deputy to search her purse so that she could sit in his patrol vehicle.

Mother finds video of 14-year-old daughter involved with 28-year-old man

Bryant Donaldson, 28, was charged with aggravated statutory rape after a 14-year-old girl admitted to having sex with him to her mother but only after her mother found a video of the two on her daughter’s cell phone.

Husband charged with assaulting wife; asks her to kill him, as she was already ruining his life…

In the case of a couple going through a divorce, police say husband David Sharber has been sneaking into his (separated) wife’s home with a spare key, and on October 5th, is accused of assaulting her and asking her to kill him, as she was already ruining his life…