Lebanon woman beats mother who was giving her son a ride #lashingout

23-year-old Jasmine Fisher was charged with assault when she got into an altercation with a woman who was dropping her son off. Fisher opened the woman’s vehicle door and struck her in the face and shoulder.

Jasmine Fisher (WCSO)
Jasmine Fisher (WCSO)

On April 7th, officers reported that Tolanda Wallace transported her son Stefvon Murphy Junior to 1255 Bluebird Road. According to the affidavit, while at the residence an altercation occurred and Jasmine Fisher opened Wallace’s vehicle door and proceeded to thump her in the face and arm. Authorities noted injuries sustained to Wallace’s left eye and shoulder.

On May 21st, Jasmine Fisher was arrested and charged with assault. She was later freed on pre-trial release.

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