Not-so-happy-meal: Antioch customer destroys McDonald’s cash register

46-year-old Ehab Malaty was charged with disorderly conduct and vandalism of a Mt. Juliet McDonald’s cash register in retaliation for an incorrect order.

On May 18, Officer Alecia Martin received a call regarding vandalism at McDonald’s located at 625 Mt. Juliet Road. When Martin arrived at the scene, the officer met store manager Juan Chavez and employee Jermin Namum. Chavez claimed that a man, later identified as Ehab Malaty, entered the store angry over an incorrect order. As time progressed, Malaty became irate and began yelling inside the store disrupting the business, per the affidavit.

Ehab Malaty (WCSO)
Ehab Malaty (WCSO)

The exchange came to a tipping point when Malaty broke the restaurant’s cash register by shoving it off of the counter. Malaty began to exit the store after this, being followed by Chavez, who wrote down the vehicle’s license plate number. Chavez and Namum were able to confirm Malaty’s identity via a driver’s license photo. Following this, Martin made contact with Malaty, who confessed to destroying the cash register and swearing throughout the interaction. The cash register’s repair was estimated at $1,500.

Ehab Malaty was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and vandalism. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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