Mt. Juliet teen charged with DUI close to home

19-year-old Eric Larson was charged with driving under the influence after he was reported by a neighbor for parking in front of their house trying to restart his car. When police arrived, they found him to be intoxicated.

On May 13th, a resident called police about a driver parked in front of their home at 1680 Eagle Trace Drive. The car appeared wrecked. The resident said it looked like the driver was trying to restart the vehicle.

Upon arrival, Officer Myers of the Mt. Juliet Police Department identified Eric Larson as the driver of the vehicle. Larson was stuffing a metal cup into his backseat pocket. An aerosol can was in the cupholder. Larson’s eyes were glassy, he had slow labored speech, delayed reactions, and complained about dry mouth. Larson showed impairment in field sobriety tests.

Eric Larson was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. His bond was set at $1,200.

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