Watertown man harasses woman on phone while police were present

29-year-old Scotty Blaze Eaton was charged with harassment after police responded to a domestic assault call and while there, he called Chassity Carter and was told to stop contacting her and continued to call, text, and leave voicemails.

On May 9th, Deputy Brice Beaty of the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office responded to domestic violence call at 420 Armstrong Road in Watertown, Tennessee. By the time Deputy Beaty got to the residence, Eaton had already left.

Scotty Blaze Eaton (WCSO)

He called Carter while the deputy was present. Carter told the deputy she didn’t want Eaton to call her or contact her anymore. Eaton continued to call, text, and leave voice mail messages.

Scotty Eaton was arrested and charged with harassment. His bond was set at $2,000.

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