Old Hickory man drinks beer in front of police; booked for public intoxication

40-year-old Cameron Vanness was charged with public intoxication after he chugged a beer in front of Wilson County deputies while already visibly inebriated.

On May 15th, Deputies Rollins and Stolinsky received a call in regard to a suspicious person at 4859 Quail Run in Old Hickory. When they reached their destination, Cameron Vanness exited his vehicle with a can of beer and began to drink it. Vanness seemed to already possess slurred speaking watery red eyes and was stumbling throughout, per the affidavit.

Cameron Vanness (WCSO)
Cameron Vanness (WCSO)

The deputies then advised Vanness to sit down as well as put down the beverage. After putting down the beer, Vanness proceeded to pick it up again and continue to drink. Due to his level of inebriation, Rollins and Stolinsky placed Vanness into custody.

Cameron Vanness was arrested and charged with public intoxication. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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