Boyfriend endures onslaught of assault from woman for three days

20-year-old Caitlyn Bowers was charged with aggravated assault for throwing a knife at her child’s father, Scott Graeff when a three-day dispute escalated. The investigation showed that Bowers had assaulted him many more times in that time period.

On June 23rd, Corporal Elliot arrived at 2325 Aventura Drive in Mt. Juliet for a dispute between Caitlyn Bowers and the father of her child, Scott Graeff, that had been going on for three days. Early on the morning of June 23rd, their dispute escalated when Bowers picked up a knife against Graeff and threatened to stab him.

She then threw the knife at Graeff but only the handle struck him. Graeff explained to police that she has struck him with a glass candle, grabbed him by the hair, and struck him in the face several times over the course of the last two days. Cpl Elliot reported that he saw the injuries on Graeff that were consistent with the story. Graeff said that after the knife was thrown at him that he was put in fear of his life.

Caitlyn Bowers was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. Her bond was set at $2,500.

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