Duo charged with assault after checking in on neighbor’s marital spat

27-year-old Cody Layne and 24-year-old Tristan Wallace were charged with assault when they were questioning a man about a fight between him and his wife. After he told them it was none of their business, they beat him up.

On May 24th, officers were dispatched to an assault at 66 Bellvue Drive in Lebanon. According to affidavits, Gregory Cowan told authorities that he and his wife were having an argument and he left the residence. When he returned a short time later, Tristan Wallace and Cody Layne confronted him about the altercation. Cowan told them “none of your business, it’s a husband and wife matter”.

Wallace and Layne responded by giving him a bloody elbow and a swollen cheek. Cowan’s wife Julie Rogers affirmed the argument was not physical and that he had left and returned after fifteen to twenty minutes. Upon hearing the racket outside, she witnessed the assault. The four individuals are all neighbors.

Cody Layne and Tristan Wallace were arrested and charged with assault. Tristan’s bond was set at $1,000 and Cody’s was set at $1,200.

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