Mt. Juliet man attacks uncle and roommates in span of two weeks

33-year-old Kevin Hadden was charged with two counts of domestic assault and interference of an emergency call after a violent altercation between himself and his uncle. A computer search later revealed that Hadden had two outstanding warrants for an earlier incident involving former roommates, a broken door and a thrown cell phone battery.

On May 30th, Deputy Burt received a call regarding an alleged domestic assault at 1936 Logue Rd in Mt. Juliet. Upon arrival, Bart made contact with two men, one of whom was yelling at another. Bart proceeded to separate the two men and later identified them as Kevin Hadden and Ronald Locke. Locke informed the deputy that a verbal altercation had begun between himself and Hadden. According to the affidavit, Hadden began to yell in close proximity to Locke’s face and slapped him in the mouth with an open hand.

Kevin Hadden (WCSO)
Kevin Hadden (WCSO)

The slap reportedly caused Locke’s upper lip to bleed. Hadden continued by attempting to choke his uncle by putting his hand around Locke’s neck. Bart confirmed Locke’s statements by observing a small laceration to Locke’s lip.

Further investigation revealed this was not Hadden’s first domestic altercation in May. On May 18th, officers were dispatched to 2010 Gladeville Ct for a domestic dispute. This time, Hadden was allegedly arguing with his roommates, Rachelle Clark and Kerry Boyd. During the altercation, Hadden proceeded to go outside the premises, to which Boyd and Clark responded by locking the man out. Boyd then attempted to place an emergency call. While on the phone with 911, Hadden broke through the door, took Boyd’s phone, and threw the battery after removing it from the phone.

Kevin Hadden was arrested and charged with interference of an emergency call and two counts of domestic assault. He was later removed from custody on pre-trial release.

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