Lebanon man assaults girlfriend in separate incidents; debates with police when arrested

36-year-old Jeremy Rhodes was charged with domestic assault after reportedly strangling his girlfriend twice in the span of a day. The woman was allegedly afraid to explain the initial incident out of fear of Rhodes and his actions.

Mt. Juliet woman assaults mother, takes her phone during dispute about a dog

18-year-old Mia Ghulam was charged with domestic assault after she pulled her mother’s hair, took her phone, and attempted to kick her during an argument about a dog, per report.

Lebanon man found laying in the road from presumed meth

41-year-old Jason Waller was charged with possession of meth and public intoxication after being found laying in the middle of Chicken Road in Lebanon. Waller was reportedly uncertain of his own whereabouts and was hallucinating during his interaction with police.

Woman pulls wife through car window while arguing at a bar in Mt. Juliet

27-year-old Ashley Ketcher was charged with domestic assault after pulling her wife inside a vehicle following her refusal to leave USA Sports Grill in Mt. Juliet. The woman sustained injuries to her neck during the incident.

Lebanon father charged after hitting and injuring his children

44-year-old Julio Monroy-Ortiz was charged with two counts of domestic assault after striking both of his children. The two kids suffered injuries from the attack, law enforcement observing bloodstains on the shirts on their shirts.

Ring doorbell aids in booking of Mt. Juliet assailant

28-year-old Rayshard Mabon was charged with domestic assault after a Ring doorbell video provided footage of the man striking Amber Wylemans with a beer bottle alongside a closed fist. Wylemans sustained serious injuries to her face as a result, including a potentially broken nose and two eyes swollen shut.

Waffle House loiterer later found with heroin and an open needle

27-year-old Brendan Beninati was charged with public intoxication, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of heroin after being reported for acting disorderly at a Mt. Juliet Waffle House.

Two bottles of Skol Vodka at Family Center results in DUI

55-year-old Gregory Barrett was charged with driving under the influence after passing out behind the wheel at the Jimmy Floyd Family Center. Law enforcement later discovered two open bottles of Skol Vodka inside his vehicle.

Altercation over furniture results in boyfriend pushing woman down set of stairs

32-year-old Corey Uhls was charged with domestic assault after shoving his girlfriend down a set of stairs during an argument regarding the movement of furniture at their residence in Lebanon.

Lebanon woman assaults boyfriend outside Mexican restaurant

54-year-old Kathy Mofield was charged with domestic assault after punching her boyfriend, Lonnie Sanders, in the face five to six times at Los Compadres Mexican Restaurant, per report.