Hermitage man crashes into ditch, denies drinking and charged with DUI

26-year-old Matthew Bouldin was charged with his first DUI after he was found in his crashed vehicle in a ditch and he failed several sobriety tests.

On June 20th, Trooper Webster was called to a crashed vehicle on Gull Road where she saw a vehicle in a ditch with the airbags deployed. Matthew Bouldin stated that he was the driver and the trooper’s report described him with red watery eyes, slurred speech, and unsteady on his feet.

Matthew Bouldin (WCSO)
Matthew Bouldin (WCSO)

When Trooper Webster asked him if he had consumed any alcohol before driving he denied having anything to drink. She administered several standard field sobriety tests where he showed signs of impairment on all of them.

Matthew Bouldin was arrested and charged with DUI. His bond was set at $1,200.

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