Lebanon driver caught drinking whiskey, 13 cans of beer behind the wheel

41-year-old Joshua Keith was charged with his first offense of driving under the influence after admitting to drinking a half-pint bottle of Early Times whiskey then driving along Highway 109 in Lebanon. Law enforcement later found 13 empty cans of Budweiser Ice in the vehicle.

On May 22nd, Officer Affourtit was dispatched to Lebanon’s Highway 109 in regards to a motor vehicle accident involving one driver. When arriving at the scene, Affourtit detected that the vehicle had struck a light pole. Further investigation shows that the driver, later identified as Joshua Keith, was attempting to free himself from the already-engaged airbag.

Joshua Keith (WCSO)
Joshua Keith (WCSO)

After Keith managed to exit the vehicle, Affourtit noted that he had an unbalanced stance, his speech was slightly slurred and that his odor mimicked that of an alcoholic beverage. Upon questioning, Keith confessed to drinking a half-pint bottle of Early Times around 5:30 a.m. Affourtit discovered 13 empty cans of Budweiser Ice, as well as two full cans of Bud Ice in a cooler. Following the officer’s discovery of this, Keith was taken into custody. He later refused to submit his blood for a blood alcohol test.

Joshua Keith was arrested and charged for driving under the influence. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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