Lebanon husband leaves wife in fear of her life

41-year-old Aaron Bonham was charged with domestic assault at his home located on 120 N. Hatton St in Lebanon. Bonham’s charge originates from a lengthy altercation with his wife, resulting in Bonham grabbing her by the hair, throwing her on the ground, and striking her face numerous times.

On May 25th, Lori Gregory-Bonham placed an emergency call to her address at 120 N. Hatton St in Lebanon but was unable to complete the call due to a hangup. Officer Humes then received a call in regards to a domestic dispute at the same address and soon found Gregory-Bonham crying in the street. The woman explained that she and her husband, Aaron Bonham, had been arguing for an extensive amount of time. Gregory-Bonham claimed that she believed her life to be in danger once the altercation turned violent.

Aaron Bonham (WCSO)
Aaron Bonham (WCSO)

According to the affidavit, Bonham grabbed his wife by the hair and flung her to the ground. While on the floor, Bonham proceeded to punch his wife with a closed fist, slapping her once as well. Gregory-Bonham attempted to escape the attack by exiting the room but was prevented by her husband holding her by the shoulders. With the given evidence, Bonham was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Aaron Bonham was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,500.

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