Walmart shoplifter almost hits two vehicles in an escape attempt

21-year-old Julia Parsley was charged with theft of merchandise and reckless driving after she was caught trying to steal over $100 worth of merchandise at Walmart using a bag in her bra and then almost hit two vehicles when she tried to escape.

On June 2nd, Walmart in Mt. Juliet (300 Pleasant Grove Road) reported to police a shoplifting occurrence. Upon arrival, the officer noticed who was later identified as the defendant, Julia Parsley, driving recklessly through the parking lot by splitting lanes and almost hitting two other vehicles. When the officer spoke to the loss prevention employee, Patrick Rush, he said he saw he pull a Walmart bag out of her bra and place items in the bag.

Julia Parsley (WCSO)
Julia Parsley (WCSO)

Parsley began exiting the building, avoiding all employees and registers, where she was caught and relieved of all items by Rush before she ran to her vehicle. Further in the investigation, the officer witnessed camera footage collaborating Rush’s statement and ran the plates of the vehicle to find out it was owned by her mother. The value of the items stolen was $113.96.

Julia Parsley was arrested and charged with theft of merchandise and reckless driving. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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