Woman charged after stealing from Walmart for her 10th time

47-year-old Wendy Brady was charged with three counts of theft of merchandise and three counts of criminal trespassing after she switched the tags on items at Walmart in order to pay much less than the valued price.

Walmart looter strikes for the seventh time; steals $118.60 worth of merchandise

52-year-old Kelly Sanders was charged with burglary, theft of merchandise, and trespassing after she hid merchandise in her pants, wore an un-purchased jacket out of the store, and was reported trespassing at several Walmarts in Tennessee.

Man charged after claiming ownership of multiple bags of meth at Lowe’s

23-year-old Kyle Loney was charged with possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia after he told authorities the drugs found inside an isolated vehicle belonged to him and not his passenger.

Madison man caught jumping in and out of vehicles with woman; violating order of protection

29-year-old Billy Dean Woodard was charged with violation of an order of protection after police witnessed him jumping out of a car and into another with the protected party.

Man admits to eating meth so police “don’t find it” while being pursued

56-year-old Danny Jenkins was charged with DUI and tampering with evidence after admitting that he had eaten meth he had inside the vehicle so that it wasn’t found.

Nashville man tries to pull one over on Walmart; attempts to steal over $250 worth of items

58-year-old Eddie Whitaker was charged with theft of merchandise when he was caught on video scanning $8.19 worth of items at the self-checkout at Walmart in Mt. Juliet. He walked out with over $250 worth that was not scanned.

North Carolina man caught after stealing $380 worth of items from Mt. Juliet Walmart

49-year-old John Utter was charged with theft of merchandise after he was observed on surveillance video walking out with over $380 worth of merchandise from Walmart in Mt. Juliet.

Man pulls switcheroo with barcodes then tells Walmart employee “don’t call the police”

41-year-old James Swift was charged with reckless endangerment, theft of merchandise, and driving on a suspended license when he was caught by loss prevention in Walmart for changing tags on higher-priced items with lower-priced ones, then almost striking a woman while driving away.

Nashville woman with several theft charges shoplifts again at Mt. Juliet Walmart

29-year-old Stacy Arendall was charged with theft of merchandise and criminal trespass after she helped Sam Patterson steal $74.51 from Walmart by not scanning all of their items at the self-checkout. They were both warned to not enter any Walmart location due to previous thefts.

Walmart shoplifter almost hits two vehicles in an escape attempt

21-year-old Julia Parsley was charged with theft of merchandise and reckless driving after she was caught trying to steal over $100 worth of merchandise at Walmart using a bag in her bra and then almost hit two vehicles when she tried to escape.