Lebanon driver admits to drinking wine coolers, nearly causes accident at intersection

49-year-old Ronald Neely was charged with DUI and driving on a revoked license after police found his vehicle stalled in the middle of an intersection that nearly caused an accident. He later admitted to drinking wine coolers before driving.

On June 27th, Trooper Webster observed a vehicle having trouble in maintaining its lane of travel near the intersection of South Cumberland Street and Legends Drive. According to the affidavit, the vehicle was stopped at a red light and continued to move forward to the middle of the intersection. The vehicle’s actions nearly resulted in an accident with another car traveling in the opposite direction.

Ronald Neely (WCSO)
Ronald Neely (WCSO)

Webster proceeded to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle and identified the driver as Ronald Neely, who reportedly had watery, red eyes. Officers additionally observed an empty alcohol container in the center console. Various field sobriety tests were administered to Neely, in which he displayed signs of impairment throughout. Neely later confessed to drinking multiple wine coolers prior to driving. A computer check of Neely’s identification revealed his prior DUI convictions in May 2002 in Rutherford County and May 2009 in Wilson County and that his license had been revoked.

Ronald Neely was arrested and charged with DUI and driving on a revoked license. His bond was set at $1,500.

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