Lebanon man assaults girlfriend in separate incidents; debates with police when arrested

36-year-old Jeremy Rhodes was charged with domestic assault after he strangled his girlfriend in separate incidents. The woman was allegedly afraid to explain the initial incident out of fear of Rhodes and his actions.

On July 8th, officers were dispatched to 241 Spruce Drive in regards to a domestic disturbance. The report was the second call from the same address. According to the affidavit, all parties involved in the first call claimed the altercation to be solely physical. Upon arrival to the residence, law enforcement made contact with Amanda Craddock, who informed officers that her boyfriend, Jeremy Rhodes, had strangled her. Injuries were suffered to Craddock’s person, officers observing redness around the woman’s neck alongside bruising to Craddock’s arm and lip.

Jeremy Rhodes (WCSO)
Jeremy Rhodes (WCSO)

Craddock claimed that Rhodes had taken similar actions prior to the first call, but that she was afraid to report the incident. Law enforcement proceeded to meet with Rhodes, who declined to provide a statement of what happened. Officers determined him to be the primary assailant.

Jeremy Rhodes was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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