Woman found with heroin while being jailed for shoplifting from Mt. Juliet Walmart

34-year-old Francine Hammonds was charged with burglary, possession of heroin, and theft of merchandise when a Walmart employee observed her skip scanning on $89.68 worth of merchandise. While being jailed, heroin was found in her wallet.

On July 17th, police observed loss prevention employee Patrick Rush attempting to detain Francine Hammonds for shoplifting from Walmart at 300 Pleasant Grove Road in Mt. Juliet.

Francine Hammonds (WCSO)
Francine Hammonds (WCSO)

The officers observed security camera footage that Hammonds was miss ringing and skipping items worth a little over $89. Hammonds, as the security camera showed, had walked in with another female, Courtney England, who was shoplifting as well. The total value of the items that England attempted to steal was $47. In Murfreesboro, Hammonds was trespassed in February 2018. While she was in the Wilson County Jail she was found with heroin in her wallet by a correctional officer that was conducting a search.

Francine Hammonds was arrested and charged with burglary, theft of merchandise, and possession of heroin. Her bond was set at $8,000.

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