Intoxicated driver seconds from a head-on collision with a police officer

28-year-old Kevin Prevatt was charged with DUI and evading arrest after an officer observed him driving in the wrong lane and came within seconds of a head-on collision with the police car.

On July 22nd, LPD Officer Martin was dispatched to a call of a possible intoxicated driver. The officer observed headlights coming east in the westbound lane. Officer initiated blue lights so Kevin Prevatt’s vehicle would not hit him. Prevatt swerved around the officer, who then got behind Prevatt at which Prevatt didn’t stop.

Kevin Prevatt (WCSO)

Once he was stopped Prevatt had an odor of intoxicating about his breath and person, red watery eyes, and slurred speech. The officer asked Prevatt to perform some field sobriety tasks and he exhibited clues of impairment. A computer check showed that Prevatt has two prior DUI’s on his record in Davidson County and Sumner County.

Kevin Prevatt was arrested and charged with DUI and evading arrest. His bond was set at $5,000.

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