Intoxicated man caught speeding leads police on 2-mile chase; tries to hide in the woods

45-year-old William Shipper was charged with DUI, violation of implied consent, and evading arrest when he was caught speeding on Big Springs Road and in an attempt to flee from police, he stopped the vehicle after a two-mile chase and ran into the woods.

On August 15th, Sgt. Kenneth Hackett saw a vehicle traveling at excessive speeds turn onto Big Springs Road in Lebanon and initiated his lights to perform a traffic stop. The vehicle continued for two miles and pulled into a residence before the driver exited the vehicle and ran into the woods.

William Shipper (WCSO)
William Shipper (WCSO)

The passenger of the vehicle identified the driver as William Shipper. The resident of the home where he stopped stated that he knew him and went into the woods to bring him back. When he was brought back, he admitted to Sgt. Hackett that he drank eight beers at AJ’s Bar before driving. Trooper Webster was present and had Shipper perform standard field sobriety tests which he showed several clues of impairment. When he was asked to give a blood sample, he refused but Trooper Webster obtained one after getting a search warrant.

William Shipper was arrested and charged with DUI, violation of implied consent, and evading arrest. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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