Lebanon man punches donuts during argument about stepdaughter’s eating habits

37-year-old Eder Leonel Oliva Letona was charged with domestic assault when he pushed his stepdaughter into the wall after punching donuts during an argument over her eating habits.

On August 12th, Eder Letona was taken into custody for domestic assault against his stepdaughter Jackoyn Rese of 38 Head Homes in Lebanon. Ms. Rese stated that she and Letona had gotten into an argument concerning her eating habits.

Eder Letona (WCSO)
Eder Letona (WCSO)

Letona slammed his fists into some donuts at which time Rese pushed him away. Eder Letona then grabbed Rese and pushed her into a wall. Officer Speer of the Lebanon Police Department noted signs of injury on Ms. Rese.

Eder Leonel Oliva Letona was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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