Lebanon man with toddler in his vehicle charged with DUI in Nashville

36-year-old Daniel Blake-Conely was charged with a DUI when he swayed in a circular motion while standing after an officer observed him halfway on the shoulder of I-24, in reverse, with a two-year-old in the vehicle.

On August 1st, Officer Nave noticed a vehicle with reverse lights on driving halfway on the shoulder of Interstate 24 East. The officer stated that Daniel Blake-Conely showed signs of impairment so he escorted him to the Exxon at 227 Shelby Avenue for a field sobriety test.

Daniel Blake-Conely (MNPD)

Officer Nave also reported that Daniel had bloodshot watery eyes, constricted pupils, slow speech, and would sway while standing. Daniel Blake-Conely was charged with driving under the influence with a child because he was in control of the vehicle and there was a two-year-old in the car. After signing the implied consent form for a blood test, he was placed into custody.

Daniel Blake-Conely was arrested and charged with DUI with a child. He was freed on pre-trial release.

Blake-Conely, Daniel5974506003 BLUEWATER DR
Lebanon, TN 37087
DUI w/a Child

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