Louisiana man with busted nose charged with assault after family visit

feat Inman Anthony

41-year old Anthony Inman was charged with domestic assault after an argument escalated while he was visiting with parents and during a struggle with his step-father, he sustained a busted nose.

On September 8th, Lebanon Police Officer Tomlinson responded to 965 South Maple for a possible domestic assault. Shelby Strange and Shawn Caraynon stated that their son who was visiting, Anthony Inman had been drinking.

Anthony Inman (WCSO)

Inman got into an argument with his stepdad, Caraynon, and shoved him. Caraynon advised that he tried to restrain Inman and in the struggle Inman’s nose got busted.

Anthony Inman was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,500.

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