Trouble in Trucker Town: Man causes partner to bleed from blows to head

53-year-old Mike Morin was charged with assault after his truck-driving partner reported to police that he had been punched in the head during an argument with Morin.

Mike Morin (WCSO)
Mike Morin (WCSO)

On November 12th, Lebanon Police Officer Michael Downs arrived at Pilot Travel Center, located at 921 Murfreesboro Road, in response to an assault call. Upon arrival, Rolando Ruiz advised he got into an argument with his truck driving partner, Mike Morin. He stated during the argument, Morin punched him in his face and head. Officer Downs noted bleeding injuries on Ruiz’s forehead and bruising under his right eye. Downs also reported Morin admitted to hitting Ruiz during their argument.

Mike Morin was arrested and charged with assault. He was released on a $1,500 bond.

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