Man punches wall, breaks wife’s phone during argument about going to the bar

47-year-old Michael Hughes was charged with domestic assault and interference with emergency calls after he punched several holes into a wall during an argument with his wife and broke her phone when she tried calling 911.

Lebanon duo caught with bag of drugs during traffic stop

25-year-old Christian Layman and 31-year-old Joshua Scruggs were charged with possession of meth and drug paraphernalia after they crossed lanes into oncoming traffic and police found them with a loaded gun and bags of drugs.

Man found stumbling in parking lot found with heroin

58-year-old Albert Raymer was charged with public intoxication, possession of heroin, and drug paraphernalia after police observed him stumbling around a parking lot and admitted to having heroin after being found with a syringe.

Man grabs ex-girlfriend’s hair, breaks her phone when she attempts to call police

53-year-old Clifton Crutcher was charged with violation of conditional release, domestic assault, vandalism, and interference with emergency calls after he admitted to drinking alcohol and broke his ex-girlfriend’s phone when she tried to call the police.

Lebanon man admits that he “beat the hell” out of his uncle

31-year-old Adam Conrad was charged with domestic assault after police say he got into a fight with his uncle and admitted he “beat the hell out of him.”

Man found with half-empty bottle of Kessler Whiskey during traffic stop

35-year-old Dustin Barnes was charged with DUI and driving on a revoked license after he failed to stay in his lane and was found with a partially consumed Kessler Whiskey bottle in his vehicle.

Intoxicated man seen swerving across lanes of traffic on Hartsville Pike

23-year-old Matias Calo was charged with DUI after police witnessed him swerve across the center lane dividers into oncoming traffic.

Man charged after jacking an Amazon van and attempting to flee from police

34-year-old Billy Santerfeit was charged with three counts of theft of property, two counts of evading arrest, reckless driving, and reckless endangerment after he admitted to driving a stolen vehicle and took an Amazon van while the driver was out for delivery.

Traffic stop reveals Suboxone, Gabapentin, glass pipe, and spoon

38-year-old Jeremy Simms was charged with driving with a revoked license, possession of Suboxone, possession of Gabapentin, and possession of drug paraphernalia after he was pulled over for a light violation.

Woman shoots at friend over two ladies they met at Cahoots

28-year-old Malika Anderson was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, vandalism, possession of a handgun while under the influence, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication after she fired several shots at the ground and at her friend during an argument about two other women.