Woman caught arguing with assault victim; charged with violating conditional release

31-year-old Heather McClain was charged with violation of conditional release after police found her arguing with her roommate and discovering she wasn’t even supposed to be around due to an aggravated assault charge from a previous incident between them.

On March 13th, police responded to a domestic call. Officers arrived they spoke to both parties involved. An argument had occurred between roommates Heather McClain and Jocelyn Jefferson.

Heather McClain (WCSO)
Heather McClain (WCSO)

Officers ran a computer check and discovered that Heather was charged with aggravated assault against Jocelyn from another incident on February 6th. Heather was on conditional release and was prohibited from “harassing, annoying, telephoning, contacting, or otherwise communicating” with Jocelyn.

Heather McClain was arrested and charged with violation of conditional release. On March 17th, the prosecution declined to pursue the charges.

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