Watertown man charged with domestic assault after judge fined him $50 for March occurrence

31-year-old Mark McLaughlin was charged with domestic assault, interference with an emergency call, and violation of probation after he was accused of trying to kill his girlfriend and placed her in a bear hold when she attempted to call 911.

On May 16th, Deputy Don Willis received a call regarding a domestic dispute at 300 Bryant Street. Upon arrival, Willis identified the couple to be Samantha Dowdy and Mark McLaughlin. Dowdy claims that amidst a verbal altercation between the two, McLaughlin became upset and began to destroy items in her home, such as dishware, lamps, furniture and more.

During McLaughlin’s fit of rage, Dowdy attempted to call 911 but was then stopped by her boyfriend, who put her in a bear hold. McLaughlin proceeded to take the phone from his girlfriend, causing Dowdy to escape the residence and hide in a neighbor’s locked van. McLaughlin began searching for Dowdy after her departure, questioning said neighbor if they had come into contact with her.

Mark McLaughlin (WCSO)
Mark McLaughlin (WCSO)

The domestic incident is not the first between the couple. In late March, WCSO Deputy Donnell was dispatched to the same address, this time in response from a Mental Health Cooperative worker. Per the March affidavit, McLaughlin threw Dowdy over a chair, locked them inside of a room in the house, and attempted to silence her when officers arrived.

Dowdy claimed to have been caused fear to not only her own well being, but to that of her six and eight-year-old children. Following Willis’ observance of damage throughout the house, McLaughlin was taken into custody.

Mark McLaughlin was arrested and charged with domestic assault, interference of an emergency call, and violation of probation. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $4,000 bond.

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