DUI: Man offers to f-*- Watertown Police Officer “in the booty” during rant after arrest — Arthur Robinson

73 in a 45 mph zone, which was the most exciting moment the tiny town of 1500’s police department had for the entire week. After officer Nick Deck made the arrest for DUI, Robinson decided to unleash a verbal assault on Officer Deck, offering to “f— you in the booty”, and detailing what a “sad b—-” the officer was. It’s so graphic, you’ll have to click for the details…

Man found with meth and loaded gun during traffic stop for light violation

47-year-old Devin Farlow was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, driving on a revoked license, and possession of meth and drug paraphernalia after he was pulled over and found with seven pipes and a revolver inside his vehicle.

Shaky speeder in possession of heroin and syringes charged with DUI

feat Pack Jeffery

41-year-old Jeffrey Pack was charged with driving under the influence as well as possession of heroin, cocaine, and paraphernalia after he told the police officer that he took Adderall to explain his shakiness but later admits to having cocaine.

Smithville man talking to juveniles pulls 39 Klonopin pills from his pants

feat Snyder Michael

35-year-old Michael Snyders was charged with possession of Klonopin after having 39 Klonopin pills with no prescription, stashed in his pants.

Woman admitted that the plastic box found in her crotch during booking contained heroin

38-year-old Mavis Mayo was charged with driving on revoked and possession of heroin when WPD pulled her over for having her high beams on and then found heroin on her after they transported her to booking.

Elderly Chapel Hill woman charged with DUI had 2 open vodka bottles in vehicle

74-year-old Sandra Kempf was charged with driving under the influence when a concerned citizen reported she was unable to maintain the lane of travel. Once stopped, she almost fell exiting her vehicle and a search revealed alcohol and pills.

Watertown man charged with domestic assault after judge fined him $50 for March occurrence

31-year-old Mark McLaughlin was charged with domestic assault, interference with an emergency call, and violation of probation after he was accused of trying to kill his girlfriend and placed her in a bear hold when she attempted to call 911.

Watertown man charged after cell phone video shows him sexually abusing 2-year-old girl

36-year-old Edward Kuiper was charged with aggravated rape of a child and convicted felon in possession of a firearm after a woman found a cell phone video of him sexually abusing her 2-year-old daughter.