4th DUI for man involves cocaine and Xanax

55-year-old Gerald Johnson was charged with having Xanax and cocaine in his vehicle after being pulled over for speeding and an improper turn. He performed poorly on sobriety tests and had slurred speech while unsteady on his feet.

On May 29th, Deputy Maynard performed a traffic stop on the defendant, Gerald Johnson, for speeding and making an improper turn. The deputy observed him to be unsteady on his feet as well as slurring his words when speaking.

Gerald Johnson (WCSO)
Gerald Johnson (WCSO)

Deputy Maynard performed a field sobriety test that showed impairment and consented to a search, where the deputy found two and a half pills of Xanax as well as a plastic bag believed to have cocaine inside.

Johnson was found with one and a half Xanax pills in his pants pocket. After further investigation, Deputy Maynard revealed that Johnson had three prior DUI’s; one in Montgomery County, Davidson County, and Wilson County.

Gerald Johnson was arrested and charged with two accounts of simple possession and his fourth DUI. His bond was set at $5,500.

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