Deputy detains fugitive felon carrying Glock, shrooms, cocaine, weed, Oxycodone, and Xanax

24-year-old Keishawn Robinson was charged with possession of mushrooms, Oxycodone, cocaine, Xanax, marijuana, paraphernalia, possession of a weapon during a felony, and felon in possession of a weapon after being identified by police in a gas station.

Teen admits to taking Xanax and acid after wrecking his vehicle

feat Collins, Damian

19-year-old Damian Collins was charged with driving while under the influence after getting into an accident on South Commerce Road and admitting that he had taken drugs prior to the incident.

Nashville man charged after being found passed out at Shutes Branch Recreation area

37-year-old Andrew Shipley was charged with possession of meth, Gabapentin, Xanax, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia after a report of a possible drug overdose at Shutes Branch Recreation area.

Man threatens Walmart employees with flare gun over pair of shoes

20-year-old Justin Mofield was charged with theft of merchandise, disorderly conduct, three counts of aggravated assault, two counts of possession of a prohibited weapon, and possession of LSD, Xanax, and paraphernalia when he attempted to rob Walmart with a flare gun.

Passenger caught with 3 different drugs during a traffic stop for a brake light

35-year-old Ricky Bowman was charged with possession of meth, Suboxone, and Xanax after his vehicle was searched during a traffic stop for a brake light violation.

Pregnant woman spins into median of I-40 while on Methadone and Xanax

31-year-old Jean Carrion-Velazquez was charged with driving under the influence, failure to appear, and driving on a revoked license after spinning out in the median of Interstate 40.

Man’s speeding leads to deputies finding a plethora of illicit drugs in his trunk

29-year-old Geordon Walker was charged with possession of marijuana, Xanax, and bupropion when he was pulled over for speeding and 4 ounces of marijuana, 256 Xanax pills, 1.6 oz. of gray powder, and 100 unidentified multicolored pills were found in his vehicle.

DUI stop leads to drug charges after Xanax bars are found in vehicle

feat Calvert Ashley

33-year-old Ashley Calvert was charged with driving under the influence and possession of Xanax when a prescription pill bottle for Suboxone containing five bars was located in her car during a suspected DUI traffic stop.

Impaired driver swerves into oncoming lane, nearly crashes into patrol car

feat Green, Jennifer

44-year-old Jennifer Green was charged with DUI, driving on a revoked license, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of meth and Xanax when she drifted into the oncoming lane on Hartsville Pike in Lebanon and almost hit a police car head on.

Pegram driver found with shoe filled with pills following accident

31-year-old John Kraemer was charged with driving under the influence, possession of suboxone, and possession of Xanax after being found in an accident by law enforcement with 14 and a half pills inside his shoe.