Nashville woman with several theft charges shoplifts again at Mt. Juliet Walmart

29-year-old Stacy Arendall was charged with theft of merchandise and criminal trespass after she helped Sam Patterson steal $74.51 from Walmart by not scanning all of their items at the self-checkout. They were both warned to not enter any Walmart location due to previous thefts.

On June 7th, at Walmart on 300 Pleasant Grove Road, Officer Carver arrived to detain Sam Patterson who was running in the parking towards the defendant, Stacy Arendall, to get away from loss prevention. The investigation leads Officer Carver to learn that Sam and Stacy were checking out at the self check out but did not scan every item, trying to steal $74.51 worth of products.

Stacy Arendall (WCSO)
Stacy Arendall (WCSO)

Stacy went outside to pull the car closer to help Sam get away faster but he was met by loss prevention at the doorway. After being confronted, Sam ditched the cart and began to run towards the vehicle containing Stacy when he was met and detained by Officer Carver. They were warned, he found through Walmart records, to never be in any Walmart due to several theft charges.

Stacy Arendall was arrested and charged for theft of merchandise and criminal trespass. Her bond was set at $1,000.

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