Pants and purse full of Dollar General merchandise ends in booking

38-year-old Jenny Harmon was charged with theft of property after stuffing her purse and pants full of merchandise from Dollar General valued at $82.50.

On May 30th, Officer Speer received a call regarding a potential theft at the Dollar General located on 1261 Hunters Point Pk. Upon arrival, Speer met with Danna Cantrell, the store manager, who located a woman for the officer as someone she suspected was stealing the store’s merchandise. According to the affidavit, Speer proceeded to make contact with the woman, who was later identified as Jenny Harmon. Speer noted that Harmon’s waistband of her pants was “bulging excessively.”

Jenny Harmon (WCSO)
Jenny Harmon (WCSO)

The officer asked Harmon to open her purse, to which she replied by confessing to having concealed merchandise inside the bag. Following the removal of the items in the purse, Harmon was then asked to remove any stolen merchandise on her person. Harmon removed multiple pieces of clothing from her pants. The estimated value of all of the Dollar General items was approximately $82.50. Harmon was taken into custody for theft of property.

Jenny Harmon was arrested and charged with theft of merchandise. Her bond was set at $1,200.

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