Smyrna teen caught with weed and oxycodone in stolen Nissan Armada

18-year-old Carl “CJ” Hollingsworth was charged for stealing a 2019 Nissan Armada valued at $53,000 when he was found pulling into a BP McDonald’s in Mt. Juliet. While searching the SUV, police found marijuana and Oxycodone.

On June 19th, Officer Clark found a vehicle that was reported stolen at a BP McDonald’s located at 126 North Mt. Juliet Road. The driver of the vehicle was, Carl Hollingsworth whose license was revealed to be revoked for failure to provide insurance on March 24, in Rutherford County.

The vehicle is a 2019 Nissan Armada valued at $53,000 and is a rental car that was reported stolen in Antioch on May 23rd of this year. Officer Clark searched the vehicle and found one gram of marijuana and three pills of Oxycodone in the center console. Hollingsworth, via the report, did not have a valid prescription for the Oxycodone.

Carl Hollingsworth was arrested and charged with theft of property over $10,000, possession of marijuana and Oxycodone, and driving on a revoked license. His bail was set at $18,500.

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