Road-raged woman avoids accident, bucks and pushes man in response

45-year-old Christiana Bruce was charged with assault for pulling over to a parking lot and pushing the victim who honked at her almost causing her to get into an accident.

On June 26th, Officer Martin reported to a road rage incident that occurred at South Mt. Juliet Road and Crossing Circle. When the officer arrived she made contact with the victim, Mark Finkel, who told her that the defendant, Christiana Bruce, had stopped in front of him at a flashing yellow light.

Christiana Bruce (WCSO)
Christiana Bruce (WCSO)

He said that he honked for her to continue going and when she did she narrowly avoided being struck by another car. Afterward, she pulled over, exited her vehicle, and threw her hands up in response to his honk. Finkel then pulled into a Steak-N-Shake parking lot and exited his vehicle as well. Bruce came up to Finkel and physically pushed him three times, he retaliated by hitting her hood and denting it.

Christiana Bruce was arrested and charged with assault. She was later released on her own recognizance.

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