Man found stumbling in parking lot found with heroin

58-year-old Albert Raymer was charged with public intoxication, possession of heroin, and drug paraphernalia after police observed him stumbling around a parking lot and admitted to having heroin after being found with a syringe.

Man charged after jacking an Amazon van and attempting to flee from police

34-year-old Billy Santerfeit was charged with three counts of theft of property, two counts of evading arrest, reckless driving, and reckless endangerment after he admitted to driving a stolen vehicle and took an Amazon van while the driver was out for delivery.

Improperly displayed tags leads to DUI for Hermitage man

feat Ogden Steven

43-year-old Steven Ogden was charged with driving under the influence when he was pulled over for an improperly displayed license plate on South Mt. Juliet Road.

Woman curses and resists while being booked for first DUI charge

24-year-old Emily Newcome was charged with DUI, resisting arrest, and tampering with evidence after she was pulled over for speeding and swerving. She resisted deputies while being taken into custody and during booking.

Road-raged woman avoids accident, bucks and pushes man in response

45-year-old Christiana Bruce was charged with assault for pulling over to a parking lot and pushing the victim who honked at her almost causing her to get into an accident.