Snapchat squabble escalates to brandishing of handgun at a minor

20-year-old Ali Al-Zaidi was charged with aggravated assault and violation of probation after arriving uninvited to an apartment and aiming a handgun at an unidentified juvenile. Al-Zaidi confessed that the altercation escalated due to a dispute through Snapchat.

On June 24th, law enforcement received a call regarding an aggravated assault involving a handgun in the area of Charlie Daniel’s Park. Upon officer’s arrival, Ali Al-Zaidi was in the process of being detained for further questioning. A member of law enforcement spoke with Al-Zaidi, who confessed to having been in an altercation with a juvenile through Snapchat. According to the affidavit, Al-Zaidi arrived at the victim’s apartment in Mt. Juliet to address the social media incident.

Ali Al-Zaidi (WCSO)
Ali Al-Zaidi (WCSO)

Al-Zaidi reportedly arrived at the residence argumentative and angry, eventually lifting his shirt to reveal a weapon in his waistband. The man began to walk away from the apartment, but not before aiming the handgun in the general direction of the juvenile. An additional juvenile was present at the scene and provided an account of the incident to officers. A search of Al-Zaidi’s apartment was conducted following the consent of the man’s mother, revealing a Taurus G2 handgun.

Ali Al-Zaidi was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and violation of probation. His bond was set at $20,000.

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